Our fudge and fudge cakes are great for wedding receptions, graduations, baby showers, special occasions, or         any occasion!

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Small batches


All our fudge products are made to order. This way it arrives fresh and decadently delicious. We would appreciate it if you would order two weeks ahead of when you will need it plus allow for shipping time.

Nutritional Facts


Calories - You don’t want to know.

Nutritional Value - None, but it sure does taste good.

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Guilty pleasure


Stressed out? Hard day at work? Our fudge will have you relaxed and feeling better from the moment it hits your lips to the last bite.

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The Berry Best Fudge


Fudge Cakes Large


Fudge Twists


Fudge Squares


Our Story

I have been making the milk chocolate fudge for many years at Christmas, and several of my friends and family who have been the recipients of this chocolaty treat have stated how much they look forward to it each year and have encouraged me to make it more often. With a big, PLEASE from my Choc-a-holic husband, Max, I decided to make this sweet, creamy fudge available all year round. And I must admit that I am addicted to this fudge and being able to eat it every day makes me very, very happy!

— Sharon Berry